The University of Milan (UMIL) is a public teaching and research university with 8 faculties, 2 schools and a teaching staff of more than 2000 professors. It is distinguished by its wide variety of disciplinary fields and it is considered a leading institute in Italy and Europe for its scientific productivity. UMIL is the largest university in the region, with approximately 64,000 students. It is also an important resource for the socio-economic context of which it is a part, particularly for the metropolitan city of Milan – the “economic capital” of the country.

The research team that will develop the MAGYC project is located at the Department of Social and Political Sciences (SPS), which draws together sociologists, political scientists, legal scholars, economists and anthropologists. The SPS has been ranked first among the large departments of social sciences in the 2004-2010 research assessment. In addition, it was recently confirmed as an Italian “Department of Excellence” by the 2018-2022 contest of the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System (ANVUR).

The main contribution of the University of Milan will consist of an analysis of the discourses, policies and local practices of migration and asylum from a Mediterranean perspective. The importance to include the Italian case lies on its peculiar geographical position as the most relevant EU southern border/first “safe country”, and the significant increase of asylum seekers’ arrivals registered at its shores particularly during the last years.

The UMIL will participate in the following Work Packages: