WP8: External Dimensions of the Crisis.

External Dimensions of the Crisis.

The aim of this Work Package is to understand how the EU externalization policy intersects with intra-regional dynamics in the ME and Africa and offer new grounds and venues to engage with an efficient and forward-looking migration policy making with partner States and other international actors. The added value of the work-package is first to assess the direct efficacy of externalisation policies in times of crisis through a quantitative analysis. The originality of this work-package is to look at externalisation practices and policies from the point of view of non-EU countries building upon the expertise of specialist of non-EU countries and on partner research institutions in Middle Eastern and African countries. It analyses diplomatic engagements of non-EU countries and reflect critically on the nature of “migration diplomacy” in selected cases: Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen.

Partners Involved: Sciences Po (Lead), University of Liège, GIGA, IDMC, CNRS, SOAS.