WP7: The Displacement Continuum.

The Displacement Continuum: Assessing Continuity between Internal Displacement and International Mobilities along the Voluntary to Forced Migration Continuum.

The objective of this work package is to shed light on two aspects of the displacement continuum. The first will analyse the drivers of mobility, along the forced to voluntary migration continuum, within and across borders, analysing the decision-making process of people considering whether and when to flee the effects of conflict, violence, or disasters, including slow-onset disasters such as drought. The second will explore the relationship between internal displacement and cross-border movements of refugees and migrants, examining the obstacles to and sustainability of return or reintegration along different points in the displacement continuum. The findings of this work package will help assess governance models and the effects of EU migration policies on countries or origin, and demonstrate the need to move from emergency and crisis management to long-term policy responses. It will form an evidence base on irregular migration trajectories, voluntary and forced return policies, and the durability and sustainability of return to countries of origin.

Partners Involved: IDMC (Lead), University of Liège, Sciences Po, CNRS.