WP2: Migration and Asylum Governance Through Times of Crises.

Migration and Asylum Governance Through Times of Crises: Continuity and Changes in the Governance Configuration.

This Work Package explores when, how and why cooperation dynamics in crisis consolidate into governance deliverables. It weighs the risks and benefits of ‘linking’ EU trade, aid, education to migration-specific policies of border, visa, refugee employment for the mobility, resilience capacity and entrepreneurship opportunities of refugees and migrants, as a contribution to theorizing multi-level governance-in-migration. Its ambition is to discuss how to implement a multidimensional migration policy’, as promoted by the Global Compact on Migration and the EU Trade for All Strategy to deliver governance gains and inform policy-makers at the intersections of migration, trade and development.

Partners Involved: University of Liège (Lead), Sciences Po, GIGA, SOAS, Sabanci University, LAU.